Room to Read and Change Heroes

So, back in December, Clio of Booje Media, messaged me about getting involved in a great cause that she is personally campaigning. Given the crazy busy (but oh so wonderful) season it was, the days kept slipping by for when I wanted to share this with you all. None-the-less, here it is and I'm truly hoping that time hasn't run itself out on me!

Change Heroes is the master mind behind this vision. It involves helping young girls in Vietnam. Now, what their minds and hearts are set on accomplishing, is to build libraries for these sweet ones in support of Room to Read. Being an adamant reader, book hoarder, and extreme lover of children, I jumped at the opportunity! I've been following Taylor Conroy and the Change Heroes crew on Facebook for months now, and I can definitely assure you that it's all legit.

The breakdown:

1coffee a day = $3.33 a day for 3 months, it's the same as buying a coffee a day. 
1tea a day = $1.67 a day for 6 months, it's the same as buying a tea each day.
Or you have the option of choosing your own amount to give.

Here's what I'm saying - for a while, how about making your own tea or coffee from home rather than purchasing it. I'm not saying to do this for forever. These girls may not have everything, but a book can seriously set them free and teach them so much. Their imaginations can begin to fly and eventually one day soar, their knowledge can increase above the norm, their understanding will develop, their writing can improve; the possibilities are endless!

Take a look at the video embedded in the link below, which will lead you straight to the contribution page. Clio is first to greet with a personal message, and soon after is Taylor's video.
*[Side note: mind the holiday greeting ;) ]*


I know that every cause is not for everyone, however, there are those out there whom this is for, so please take notice and do something about it! I certainly don't like begging, but with this I'm truly sending my heart out asking YOU to do something. And like Clio says, this will for sure set a lasting impact and long term investment on these girls lives, families, and villages!

Much love.

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