We = One

Tracking back to over five years ago, early 2008, I was listening to a message in my car by Charlotte Gambill. To the end of the message, she read this passage out of Isaiah 54:1-3 (CJB)

“Sing, barren woman who has never had a child!
Burst into song, shout for joy,
you who have never been in labour!
For the deserved wife will have more children,
than the woman who is living with her husband,” says Adonai.
2 Enlarge the space of your tent,
extend the curtains of your dwelling;
do not hold back, lengthen your cords,
make your tent pegs firm.
3 For you will spread out to the right and the left,
your descendants will possess nations
and inhabit the desolated cities.”


In Which She Is Honoured - IWD

A candle to honour.

On thursday night, in the comfort of Idelette's home, we partook in a fun exercise. Sharing with full, stewing hearts, each candle was lit to represent the woman we chose to honour. One by one a humble glow began to fill the room.


Room to Read and Change Heroes

So, back in December, Clio of Booje Media, messaged me about getting involved in a great cause that she is personally campaigning. Given the crazy busy (but oh so wonderful) season it was, the days kept slipping by for when I wanted to share this with you all. None-the-less, here it is and I'm truly hoping that time hasn't run itself out on me!


Real Rest

by my seriously talented friend, Tina Francis (soon to be Mutungu!). At
Idelette's 40th birthday dinner this fall.

Because someone out there probably needs to hear these words, which were heavy on my heart tonight.