The Power of the Tongue

Words. We use them every second of our every waking moment. Whether it be writing or speaking with someone. Nonchalantly, perversely, thoughtfully; which are you? This happens to be one topic that I am overly passionate about. 

The earth was created on the command of a word. Could it be 'that' powerful?! And since we were created in God's image, could not our words hold that same power as well? 

Our words make us the creator...

James 3:1-12 NLT
Our words make us the creator of what develops in, through and around us. It is important to be that person who knows how to control their tongue. To be able to think it through and process your words before you speak them. For it says that this person can control themselves in every other way. (v. 2)

Our words program our minds. Which then plays out our lives. It is like food to our stomachs. In Hebrew, the word for stomach translates into Heart. Equally so, the words we speak are feeding into our hearts, are feeding into another heart. 

Proverbs 18:20-21 -> 20.Words satisfy the soul as food satisfies the stomach; the right words on a persons lips bring satisfaction. 21. those who love to talk will experience the consequences, for the tongue can kill or nourish life. 

Words = food, nourishment
Our words are compared to a small bit in a large horses mouth that we use to guide it in any direction. Or a tiny rudder which a huge ship turns by the pilots command, even in the toughest of storms (v.3,4). The tongue is ever so powerful, it "is a small thing that can cause enormous damage. A tiny spark can set a great forest on fire"(v.5)! To think of how many 'forests' we can (or have already) set on fire. To think of how many forest fires we can prevent by controlling our tongue!
I want to feed and nourish lives to be healthy and live long, not the fast food junk where it will quicker lead to death. Words affect us mentally and emotionally. These words are considered ingredients; positive or negative. Ultimately, they are what add the flavour that feed our spirit. They either kill or bring life; victory. 
V.7-10. Oh how important it is for us to take control of our lives. Oh how important it is for us to take notice and control of our tongue. I want my life to continue to be a reflection of Jesus. Having my mouth speak both blessing and cursing surely is not righteousness. We are made in His image. We are His voice. When the world looks at us, they are looking at Him. 
Ezekiel 22:30, He is looking for men and women on this earth to represent His image. We are to be His expressed image on the planet to re-create what the enemy has destroyed. Change our words. Change our speak. Re-create the garden. 

We are His fresh water, let us draw out the bitterness that has been added to it. Let us pour ourselves into the purifier to become fresh again. Let us have our words speak truth and life and blessing. Let us be the creators of victory. Feast on His word; make it deliverable to others by the way we speak. Let us re-create the garden of Eden by our words.

Images via: Large Blueberry Macaroon/ Blackberry Cakes/ Lobster Hash/ Vintage Bike Garden

With Truth and Grace, Let Heaven Invade. - Chervelle Camille