Peter's Declaration about Jesus

Are we running after God's own heart? Not just by saying that we love Him and feeling the motions every once in a while; I really mean are we so in love with Him that our hearts burn for Him every waking moment? That the moment we hear something ill-spoken about Him, we actually cringe to the point of wanting to cry or feel anger? 
Although I am not like Peter (yet), I know that I am close. I love God so much, my heart burns for Him. Literally. At times, my heart paces in adoration of Him. Thinking about Him puts the hugest smile on my face. 

At the beginning of Jesus' ministry, He did not reveal that He was The Messiah, for the time was not right. So for Peter to get a true heart revelation of this, you know that he eagerly loved the Lord! Oh, how sweet the wonder! 
Peter was so open and eager to/for God. He was after God's heart. A New Testament David. So much so that God revealed to him, the truth of who the Son of Man really is. 
"Who do you say that I am?"
"You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God. " 
Jesus blessed him. Jesus saw his heart and saw truth built in him. The very truth and foundation in which God was seeking to build the church upon. A firm and solid mighty rock.

Let's boast our hearts to beat at the same rhythm of our Lord, starting today.

Image via: Kristybee

With Truth and Grace, Let Heaven Invade. - Chervelle Camille