The Heart of A Woman

The Lord establishes His word, not us. The heart of a woman is powerful. When we rise up with determination, we can make a sure difference. There is a magnificent awe when a caliber of women are ready and willing to engage their hearts, their hands, and their voice to bring change to this world. God has supplied us with His words of power, and character to enter the field of wolves before us. With a great company of women and a heart of the Father's, there is no stopping what can be done! 

Psalm 68:11 AMP
Women fight for what is true. We fight for what is close and dear to us. We fight for what we care for. We fight for what is passionate to us. We fight for our family. If the lost, hurt, mis-treated, and dying are God's very own, then that makes us apart of their family, too. So we gather together and use what is in our hands, to bring down the enemy and bring them out to the land of refuge: Jesus Christ! 

So let us not hold back. Let God be praised. Let His word and glory shine through. Let us rise up as A Great Company of Women and dance our dance! Amen.

Images via: We Can Do It/Dance Your Dance

With Truth and Grace, Let Heaven Invade. - Chervelle Camille